She was running, her breath escaped her body fast and entered it again in a rhythmical way while the roots on the ground made her stumble several times. The river was raging. She could end everything in two seconds if she wanted. Even though she couldn’t concentrate on anything else than running, she heard the burbling of water really clearly, hitting on the rocks in the middle of the river bed. It was coming nearer. She felt its breath in her neck, making her fine hairs stand up. The wind was drying her eyes out but she couldn’t close them, as the nature’s henchmen would have made her lose control over her movement and tie her to the ground. She didn’t know what was happening – all she knew is that someone was following her. Or something. The roses’ guardians ripped her new pale blue Tom Tailor jeans apart and she noticed that the green jacket she was wearing earlier was gone. A mixture of colors was all she saw, since the bright sun was shining on the fields where sun flowers were cultivated. She felt the creature coming nearer, grabbing after her with its huge crumbly claws while the play of colors was captivating her eyes. It’s like the beauty of those sunflowers summoned memories from her past that were shattering against her brain. The red cushion stool she always sat on while her mother combed her caramel colored hair. The dark brown table with the ugly white table cloth the always ate dinner on. The small basketball field they made themselves in the garden where she used to play with her little brother. All those things hurry-scurrying around in her head. Knowing that this will never happen again. She took her look from the sunflowers while still running and of all sudden she focused on the wild water in the river. Shards. Smoke. Oil. Blood. Half-closed eyes. Gurneys. A blonde woman being covered with a cloth. Put into a car. Two other people. She was shaken awake by reality as she felt the ginormous hand coming nearer and nearer. The cold aura touching her badly scratched skin. There is no use in running away anymore.. the sound of breaking bones echoed in her head when she felt the strong grip on her arm, her waist, her feet..

The letting go is easier than she thought. She isn’t holding herself onto the window frame anymore. Easy & free, almost like a bird, the wind cutting in her face. “That’s the world how it truly looks like” she thinks. “That is the freedom everyone talks about”. Not only the wind, but also the emotions boiling up in her again make lots of tears gush out. The thought of being happily ever after with her family again is the last thing in her head before she closes her eyes.


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